SeeekLab(此刻装置) is a specialized creative multimedia agency working at the nexus of design, digital media, and interaction.
By bring phenomenal narrative content and emerging technologies into physical enviroments, SeeekLab transform ideas into exceptional experiences for brands and creative collaborators.
Established in 2014, SeeekLab’s innovation has been recognized by top-tier media including CCTV, The Creators Project, IQIYI, VICE and many others.


what is it?

Interactive multimedia integrates comprehensive media materials to creatively combine the scattered media elements, so that the viewers can obtain a more appealing experience.

where can we see it?

Seeeklab(此刻装置) was first exposed to interactive multimedia on international art exhibition. Now it has gradually penetrated to people’s daily lives and have been applied to marketing events, exhibition hall and public places like hotels and shopping malls.

why would I use it?

Interactive multimedia is of incredible flexibility that it could be tailored to various promotional themes and brand culture installations, which easily attract viewers and elevate the interactivity.

how to use it?

So far interactive multimedia mainly applies to brand image upgrade, products display, creative marketing and etc. Its flexible nature determines that it could be tailored to different occasions in accordance with different requirements.



We provide interactive installations’ customization and rental services for companies according to different requirements. Ultimately we will reach the marketing goal of attracting offline audiences, promoting interactions and elevating brand influences.


We break the original limitations and input imaginations and emotions, using innovative ideas and media means to provoke public interests, leading them to play, film and indulge themselves in this brand new experience.

Pivoting around creative ideology and “Maker” education, we open creative DIY lessons and frontier technology sharing for kids and younger generation.


Aiming at multimedia industry’s featured segments, we conduct related R&D work and provide complete products and solutions to maximize the means for realizing the ideas and advancing the efficiency of multimedia program.



We create installations to explore the diverse world and discover different opinions.







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Power Tian

Power Tian

Design Director View Details
Eddie Shi

Eddie Shi

Account Director View Details
Candy Huang

Candy Huang

Chief Designer View Details
Ocean Liu

Ocean Liu

Project executive manager View Details
Power Tian

Power Tian

Design Director

Power is graduated with a master degree in Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.
He is decicated to interactive art and new media art for many years and a lot of his work has displayed in renowned national institutions such as National Art Museum of China, the National Museum of China and the China Millennium Monument. He has also participated in many international exhibitions and exchange activities such as SIGGRAPH and Incheon International Electronic Art Festival. www.powertian.com

Eddie Shi

Eddie Shi

Account Director

Eddie graduated in Marketing from RMIT university, Melbourne.
Eddie has a rich experience in business and communication through his working experience in different industries such as real estate, E-commerce and retail store. There, he worked with numerous team members, stakeholders, colleagues and clients in virtually every aspect of a business. Eddie has a unique marketing perspective and a sincere attitude to serve his team and clients.

Candy Huang

Candy Huang

Chief Designer

Candy is graduated with a master degree in Digital Communication and Culture at the University of Sydney.
Before she get obsessed with studying today’s changing media environment, she went to study in Multimedia and Digital Art in Monash University and art courses in Prato, Italy. She is passionate about art and design and is always travelling to gain new inspirations. Shape the creative vision of the work that SeeekLab produces is priority.www.yijiehuang.com

Ocean Liu

Ocean Liu

Project executive manager

Graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, (985,211).
He once worked as executive director in Beijing TV, where he gained multifaceted skills and is now capable of professional photography, editing and on-site execution experiences. He edited and produced a handful of famous TV shows and grand cultural performances. All these experiences made him a professional decision maker and productive manager.



Service Design Institute dedicated to promote Design Thinking and Maker Practice in the field of innovative industry and entrepreneurship. Being on the frontier of innovative eco-system, it provide ideology and methodology for innovative education and cultivate creativity and evaluation study

As a cross-media lab from Tsinghua University, CF Lab focus on smart hardware, culture innovation, Internet propagation, transforming maker’s creativity into tangible influence, advancing college technology achievement by design innovation.

Situated in Seattle, WA, it founded by Tsinghua University and University of Washington jointly with the intention to explore and response to multitudinous global challenges yet cultivate next generations of innovative personnel. GIX mainly focus on strategic innovative field to conduct education and researches referring to Internet technology, smart cities, mobile medical treatment and clean energy.



Business development executive

  • Be equipped with strategic minds and the ability to integrate sources from all quarters to accomplish the work.
  • Be happy and willing to deal with the market.
  • Be equipped with the insight of market/client developing and the awareness to defend the ultimate rights for the sake of the clients.
  • Be able to be in charge of nationwide business exhibition and the related work.
  • College degree or above, more than 2 years’ experience of advertising, event business expansion.
  • Great communication and negotiation skills, be eloquent to express your ideas, write proposals and make commentary for projects independently.
  • Affinity and team spirit. Candidates with cultural exhibition and advertising experience are highly desired.

Account manager

  • Be capable of conducting high-efficient communication and have a good command to grasp the intention and purposes between projectors and clients.
  • Possess outstanding ability to garner, classify and extract information with efficiency.
  • With regards to pricing errands, make sure to possess great ability of price control.
  • Be proficient with office working applications.
  • Candidates may better grasp some knowledge of marketing .

3D animator

  • Have a good command of applications like 3DSMAX, MAYA, AE, PS and so forth.
  • Be equipped with the ability to conduct 3D animation works on one’s own.
  • Be proficient with combining 3D applications and after-effect applications.
  • High aesthetic consciousness and art self-cultivation.
  • Candidates with great interests in generative art  or master degree may be highly desired.

Design manager

  • Be able to design conceptual proposals and further conduct the proposals with regards to client requirements and actual situation.
  • You are required to be in charge of the confirmation of construction site proposals and coordinate the work and alternations until project completed.
  • Product design and related bachelor degrees or above.
  • 5 years or more working experience and 3 years or more project management experience.
  • Have a good command of design related applications: 3DMAX, PS, Sketchup, AutoCAD, PPT and so forth.
  • Be familiar with decorations’ materials, fabrication process and on-site construction.
  • Great communications skills and leadership and be capable of conducting project report on one’s own.
  • Candidates with exhibition and theme design experience will be highly desired.

Product Designer

  • Mainly in charge of the appearance design for installations and exhibition goods while coordinate with engineers for the construction proposals.
  • Design detailed and delicate 3D model by using 3D design applications.
  • Contact, arrange and supervise on the production of exhibition goods and product prototype assembling.
  • Be equipped with freehand drawing ability and have a good knowledge of art.
  • Be capable of mastering techniques for model making by using polyfoam, plaster, resin, MDF plate and so forth.
  • Have a good command of Graphic design applications like PS, Illustrator, 3DSMAX, Cinema 4D, Keyshot, CD and so forth.
  • 2 years of above related working experience.
  • Candidates with a firm grasp of configuration design and machining procedure or possessing experience of exhibition will be highly desired.

Creative hardware engineer

  • You are in charge of circuit design for products.
  • Have a good command of singlechip application programming, commissioning and installing.
  • Bachelor degree of electrical  & information engineering or automation related.
  • Be able to conduct the circuit and PCB design on your own.
  • Be proficient with singlechip developing like 51, AVR, STM32, MP430 and so forth.
  • Be familiar with C language, assembler language and ordinary singlechip peripheral driver programming.

Interaction designer

  • Candidates with previous mobile devices interface design experiences will be highly desired.
  • Be capable of constructing information framework, flow diagram and wireframe fleetly.
  • Be equipped with logical thinking and innovative abilities.
  • Be proficient with design related applications, Smart phone operating systems and client devices products.

Automation engineer

  • You are required to display installations or interactive multimedia design of systematic proposals and design drawing.
  • Candidates with previous industrial design and automation related degree will be highly desired.
  • Be proficient with office working applications and 3D modeling software like ProE, Solidworks, 3DMAX and so forth.

C++ engineer

  • 1 year or above experience of C/C++ developing.
  • Solid foundation of C/C++ and nice programming style.
  • Strong self-learning ability and conscious for communications and cooperation. 
  • Candidates with proficient command of Processing, Cinder, OpenFramework  and open source projects alike will be highly desired.